What is Pilates?


Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates during the First World War to improve the rehabilitation of its casualties. He believed that core control was the essence of controlling movement and that mental and physical health co-exist with each other.

Pilates is a total body conditioning system to train the local stabilizing muscles (the "core") to work more effectively and efficiently during everyday movements.

The body and mind work together, but it all starts with breathing and the core. If you do not know how to activate your core and pelvic floor correctly (there is more to it than "tightening your abs" or "pulling your belly button to your spine"!!) the body cannot function as efficiently.

By learning to activate your core correctly, learning your body's neutral alignment, breathing and concentration to work through flowing postures creates a full body workout.


  • Builds strength and muscle control

  • Increases flexibility

  • Improves posture

  • Teaches correct activation of the core and pelvic floor

  • Helps in the rehabilitation of injuries

  • Improves sporting performance

  • Low impact exercises but challenging

  • Multiple benefits for during pregnancy and post natally (see below)

Why is Pilates with Essential Physio different?

Pilates is based around proper engagement of the core. But how can you be sure you are working the right muscles if you do not know what they are? The core is not the 6-pack muscle like we are led to believe, it’s all about breathing, the lower abs and the pelvic floor. You car read a bit more about the core HERE

Lesley knows the importance of looking after your pelvic floor, and learning to activate your pelvic floor and core, along with correct breathing is the fundamental core of her Pilates classes - the benefits cannot happen if the core is not working. She will teach you how to get these muscles working properly, ensuring you workout is safe and effective especially if you have been recently pregnant or experience any Women's Health issues.

If your goal of Pilates is to help with old or new injuries, back pain, to help with sporting performance or just to find some ‘me’ time then you are in safe hands with Lesley and her extensive knowledge of Pilates and core rehabilitation.

Term 5 Pilates starting Tuesday 16th September 2019

Tuesday 12pm

Thursday 5.30pm

Post Natal Pilates

Next Term Starting Friday 13th September at 11am

Post-Natal Pilates.jpg

Fitness classes and Pilates Classes starting July 2019***

When: Pilates Class Friday 13th September at 11am

Running in 7 week terms

Price: Please click HERE for Prices and extra info

Pilates classes are suitable for mum’s 6 weeks post-natal

The first class of each term is an educational one to teach correct technique of exercises, how to incorporate pelvic floor training into the exercises and ensures you are training at a suitable level.

Post-Natal Pilates is a safe and truly effective way of getting the body out of pregnancy mode and into “Strong Mum” mode. It's a solid foundation to start with before progressing onto harder fitness exercises, and an ideal lead into our Post-Natal Fitness classes.

Labour really does take its toll on the body, and many women rush back to exercise/sport/gym far too soon.

We are not focusing on weight loss, “boot camp’”or “get you pre-baby body back” - these are potentially dangerous at this important time of healing. Don't fall for the social media hype or society pressures of doing too much too soon. We work from the core outwards, getting the little muscles to work well together building safe and strong foundations before taking exercises to a more functional level. You will learn how to check for signs of overloading your body, and how to make changes.

Can’t make it to class? You can even have the exercises emailed to you to work on at home (extra fee)