Post-Natal Fitness & Pilates Classes Extra Info


Casual Class - $25

Block of 7 Post-Natal classes - $130

1-1   Assessment plus block of classes: $220 (Assessment usually $110, if booked with Pilates class is only $90)

Online Access to programme for 6 weeks: $25

Pay weekly options available too.

Individualised programmes also available: Please get it touch for prices and options


The classes are designed to allow you to ease back into fitness after labour. Exercises are based on strengthening movements you do on a daily basis. Performing these exercises safely, and integrating proper breathing, core and pelvic floor contraction with these movements is essential, as doing them incorrectly could potentially cause more harm. 

  • Casual Class: you MUST attend the first class of each term to come to a casual class or you will not be permitted to attend unless you have had a 1-1 session with Lesley.

  • A Pelvic Floor Dysfunction questionnaire will be sent out upon registration and must be received a minimum of 2 days before the start of term. If you have symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction you will be strongly recommended to have an assessment to discuss these findings. It would extremely unprofessional for Lesley to allow clients with suspected Pelvic Floor Dysfunction attend a fitness class that could potentially make symptoms worse or cause more harm. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

  • Post Natal Classes will run in 7 week terms, with the first class of each term being an educational class. Lesley will aim to teach posture, breathing and how to check for a core contraction through clothing. It is impossible for Lesley to be 100% certain you are doing this correctly without a 1-1 assessment. If a contraction cannot be felt, she will inform you and you will be strongly advised to have an assessment to once again assess for any dysfunction. If you wish to continue with the class without being able to feel the core engagement you will do so at your own risk.

  • Cant make it to class? Want to do some extra training at home between classes? For an extra $25 you can have the exercises emailed to you. ****Please note the online exercises may not be exactly what we do in class and vary slightly. You must be enrolled in the term for this option.****

Personalised plans/ 1-1 training

Do you want an individualised programme? Strength gains take between 8-12 weeks depending on your body, recovery and many different factors. An individualised plan will depend on:

  • How many weeks pregnant/post natal you are

  • Fitness prior to pregnancy

  • Fitness goals (these have to be realistic, if not Lesley will discuss them with you)

  • How your body and mind are feeling/recovering


  • 1-1  assessment (60 minutes): $85

  • Follow up fitness session lasting an hour: $75

  • Review in 6-8 weeks

  • Can opt to do 30 minute session: $40