Post Natal Physiotherapy

It takes 9 months to grow your baby, but straight after birth, your body needs to start caring for your baby. Taking time to heal and recover is a must, and can significantly reduce the likelihood of complications later on. Physiotherapy can assess and treat for:

  • Rectus Diastus (separation of the tummy muscles)

  • Neck, back and pelvic pain

  • Stress urinary incontinence

  • Prolapses

  • Pelvic floor function

When should you get back to exercise? What exercise should you do? This will depend on a lot of individual facts such as vaginal birth vs cesarean section, activity levels during pregnancy, pelvic floor strength and co-ordination and many more. Most women are told to wait 6 weeks before getting back to activity…but should you wait longer?

Tissues and muscles take roughly 6 weeks to heal, the post natal period is no different. If you sprained your ankle, you would not go for a 5 km run straight away, you would let the ankle heal, working on strength and stability, start a walking programme and adding running in gradually.

Why is the pelvic floor any different?

Lesley offers a post-natal check up suitable for all Mum’s (after your 6-week check up). This is an hour long appointment where you can discuss any concerns your have, get you tummy separation checked, a pelvic floor examination, learn how to engage your pelvic floor correctly, and discuss a safe return to exercise plan for you. Follow up appointments are available for treatment and/or an individualised exercise programme.


*****Post-Natal Fitness classes and Pilates Classes starting July 2019***

When: Fitness Class Monday 22nd July at 10.45am

Pilates Class Friday 26th July at 11am

Rrunning in 7 week terms

Price: Please click HERE for Prices and extra info

Pilates classes are suitable for mums 6 weeks post-natal, and the Fitness classes are suitable for 12 weeks post natal.

The first class of each term is an educational one to teach correct technique of exercises, how to incorporate pelvic floor training into the exercises and ensures you are training at a suitable level.

Post-Natal Pilates is a safe and truely effective way of getting the body out of pregnancy mode and into “Strong Mum” mode. It's a solid foundation to start with before progressing onto harder fitness exercises, and an ideal lead into our Post-Natal Fitness classes.

Labour really does take its toll on the body, and many women rush back to exercise/sport/gym far too soon. These classes are designed to help the body ease back into everyday movement and build strength from the core out. We use “Motherhood Movement Patterns” as the basis of exercises. Based on the movements you do in daily life such as bending, squatting, pushing, pulling & twisting, the classes are deigned to co-ordinate the muscles and strengthen them to help with for the tasks you will every day (for example bending and reaching to put baby in car seat, pulling buggy up the steps, putting baby into their cot). They will include mobility and active stretches, foam rolling, resistance exercises and even some relaxation at the end (or a nap...whatever you want!)

We are not focusing on weight loss, “boot camp’”or “get you pre-baby body back” - these are potentially dangerous at this important time of healing. Don't fall for the social media hype or society pressures of doing too much too soon. We work from the core outwards, getting the little muscles to work well together building safe and strong foundations before taking exercises to a more functional level. You will learn how to check for signs of overloading your body, and how to make changes. These class can be used as a foundation for a safe return to exercise/sport, no matter what that is...running, netball, cross fit, gym, weight lifting or just a walk around the block.

Can’t make it to class? You can even have the exercises emailed to you to work on at home (extra fee)

Make sure to read the extra info and prices HERE, and please get in touch to register and book you space!

******Individualised Exercises and Fitness Plans are also available******