Being pregnant is such a wonderful adventure, but it can be tough on the body growing a tiny human.

Common conditions that physiotherapy can help with during pregnancy are listed below.

  • Lower back pain

  • Pelvic Girdle pain – pain at the front of the pelvis (pubic bone) and sacrum/tailbone

  • Varicose veins

  • Carpel Tunnel (hand pain and numbness) 

Physiotherapy can help to ease the symptoms, and give you a treatment plan to hep manage them. You do not have to suffer with back and pelvic pain just because you are pregnant.

Exercise during pregnancy

Gone are the days when pregnancy had women sitting around waiting for baby to arrive. Women are getting active and keeping strong instead. There are so many great benefits of exercising in pregnancy including:

  • Improved heart function

  • Decreased risk of Gestational diabetes & high blood pressure

  • Limits weight gain & fat retention

  • Improved mental state – decreased incidences of postpartum depression and improved body image

  • Improved fitness

  • Decreased lumbar and pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain

  • Labour is shorter, easier and less complicate

What is the right amount of exercise, and what is safe? There is a lot of ‘woolly’ information on this subject, and depending what you read on Google, see on Social Media or who you talk to, there’s a whole lot of conflicting advice on this.

There are a number of absolute contraindications to exercise in pregnancy, and High Risk pregnancies will need to be monitored closely.


The bottom line is everybody’s body is different, and no two pregnancies are the same, therefore treatment and advice must be individualised. There are guidelines about what is safe and unsafe during pregnancy, and your level of fitness and activity prior to pregnancy also plays a big part. Lesley has completed her Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner Level 2 training, meaning you are in the best hands with your fitness journey.

Pregnancy is not only growing your baby, but preparing for life after their grand entrance. Labour puts an enormous amount of strain on your body and pelvic floor and some women do develop dysfunction. Exercises in pregnancy is like preparing your body for the increased challenges it will face in the post natal period. It’s never to late to start walking or getting some exercises in now…while you have the time!

*****Pregnancy Fitness classes******

When: Monday 7pm

Date: Starting 22nd July (running in 6 week terms)

Price: Please click HERE for Prices and extra info

The first class of each term is an educational one to teach correct technique of exercises, how to incorporate pelvic floor training into the exercises and ensures you are training at a suitable level.

We use “Motherhood Movement Patterns” as the basis of exercises. Based on the movements you do in daily life such as bending, squatting, pushing, pulling & twisting, the classes are deigned to prepare you and keep you strong for the tasks you will do a lot of after baby is born (for example bending and reaching to put baby in car seat, pulling buggy up the steps, putting baby into their cot). They will include mobility and active stretches, foam rolling, resistance exercises and even some relaxation at the end (what pregnant women does not love lying down at the end of the day!)

Can’t make it to class? You can even have the exercises emailed to you to work on at home (extra fee)

Make sure to read the extra info and prices HERE, and please get in touch to register and book you space!

******Individualised Exercises and Fitness Plans are also available******